Terms of purchase

Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Complaints for Mr Fredrik AB

1. Purchase

An agreement on a purchase is reached upon Mr Fredrik AB confirming the order through an order confirmation. An order confirmation is generated automatically. If the delivery time changes in the order, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. Mr Fredrik AB retains ownership and the right to reclaim all products until full payment has been received from the customer.

2. Price

Prices are presented including VAT in our webshop for consumers and excluding VAT for retailers on the B2B pages. The prices in the webshop always apply, and it is up to each customer to inform themselves about current prices. Upon confirmed order, the prices on the website apply, and the prices can only be changed under circumstances beyond the control of Mr Fredrik AB. For example, significantly changed raw material prices, currency fluctuations, or changed VAT rates. No handling fees are added.

3. Shipping

Shipping and packaging costs are added to orders under 600 SEK. Over 600 SEK, shipping is free.

For purchases from abroad, shipping costs are added and paid separately by the customer.

4. Payment Terms

Payment is made by card payment, Swish, cash on delivery, or advance invoice.

4.1 Card Payment

Pay with VISA or MasterCard.

5. Deliveries

Items in stock are normally shipped within 3 working days after we have received your order. Packages are delivered by DHL or a carrier that Mr Fredrik AB has an agreement with. For private customers, delivery is made to the nearest DHL Service Point chosen by Mr Fredrik AB if the customer has not specified another Service Point serviced by DHL in advance. Changing the Service Point beyond this is entirely at the customer's expense.

6. Delivery Delays

Sometimes delivery delays occur beyond our control. This can happen, for example, when a supplier cannot fulfill its delivery obligations to us. If this occurs, we disclaim any liability for compensation to the customer for the damage caused by the delay.

7. Transport Risk

Together with our shipping partners, we bear the transport risk, i.e., the risk of the item being damaged or lost during transportation from our warehouse to you. You and the carrier bear the risk in the event of a return to us.

8. Damaged Goods

When you receive your item, it is important to inspect the goods immediately. If the packaging and contents are damaged, you should notify the carrier (note that the carrier is responsible for the transport and therefore any transport damage must be reported directly to them). You must report the damage directly on the shipping document upon receipt of the goods and note the type of damage. Always save the confirmation you receive that your goods are damaged. If the packaging is damaged, pictures of the package should be taken before opening it. Notify us of the damage immediately with attached pictures of the packaging damage. Hidden damages attributable to the goods must also be reported to the carrier. In order for the goods to be claimed as damaged, pictures must be taken of both the packaging and the damaged item.

Defects in the item itself, such as shortages in the number of units, wrong product, etc., which are not attributable to the transport itself, must be reported immediately to Mr Fredrik AB.

Complaints must be made in writing immediately, but no later than three days after receiving the goods.

You should email us immediately and report the incident to [email protected].

9. Complaints

If you want to complain about a damaged or faulty product, you must do so in writing via email or letter, within one week. Always keep the packaging, original box, and payment confirmation. If you are returning a damaged item to us, it must be sent back in the packaging and packaging in which it was sent out.

The right to complain only covers original faults, i.e., faults that existed in the item upon delivery. The right to complain does not apply in cases where we cannot find any fault with the product or if you have caused the damage yourself. Normal wear and tear are not covered. Also note that the products may have slight deviations in color and shape as they are individually crafted artworks. These deviations are also not grounds for complaint.

Mr Fredrik AB is liable for defects in the product for a maximum of one year from delivery and only covers the directly original fault, i.e., faults that existed in the item upon delivery. Mr Fredrik AB is not liable for consequential damages nor for faults caused by the customer, and it is up to the customer to demonstrate that the product has been faulty from the beginning and that it is not the handling of the product on the customer's side that has caused the fault.

All fountains are for outdoor use. Any other use is at the customer's own risk. Fountains, barrels, vases, and other products that come into contact with water or other liquids during use must not be placed near sensitive materials such as wood, fabric, or other materials that may be affected by use. Splashes from the fountain onto the surrounding environment are the full responsibility of the buyer and can never be subject to complaint. It is the buyer's responsibility to check upon receipt of fountains, barrels, vases, and other products that come into contact with water or other liquids to ensure they are watertight and do not cause damage to other property in this or any other way. Consequential damages due to leakage are never compensated.

Our leather products are vegetable-tanned for the sake of nature, but this also means that they are not entirely stable, which means that they may discolor on lighter fabrics. For textiles and leather, Mr Fredrik does not guarantee that the products will not discolor, so the customer must test whether they can be used against lighter textiles. Mr Fredrik does not compensate for damage caused by discoloration, and it is the customer's responsibility to check this against light fabrics.

Damage caused by improper handling by the customer is never compensated, and it is up to the customer to demonstrate that they have not acted negligently or caused the damage.

Damage due to freezing or other damage the products are exposed to by being stored outdoors all year round is never subject to complaint, nor are complaints accepted on products that have been outdoors during the winter half of the year. All rights to complaints and damages expire after one year from delivery.

For vases and vessels, Mr Fredrik AB is not responsible for them being watertight, so it is recommended that an inner vessel such as a glass or plastic vase be placed inside to avoid leakage. Here, a halved PET bottle can work as an inner vessel, for example. Mr Fredrik AB is not responsible for damage that occurs because the customer used the vase/vessel without an inner vessel.

For products made of wood or metal that are exposed to sun, rain, snow, cold, mechanical damage, the customer is aware that changes occur in the materials that can change their appearance, function, color, shape, etc. These changes can occur in the short or long term, but are never subject to complaint.

Compensation for complaints can amount to a maximum of the product price including shipping.

10. Right of Withdrawal

The Consumer Purchase Act entitles you to a right of withdrawal within 14 days. The product must then be unused and returned in all original packaging and packaged in the same way as the product was packed when it arrived at the buyer.

For withdrawals, the buyer contacts Mr Fredrik AB, which issues a return shipping label that the buyer attaches to

 the package and delivers to a DHL Service Point. The returned goods will be inspected by Mr Fredrik to ensure that the product has been returned in its original condition. The buyer must email their bank account number so that the refund can be processed smoothly.

The buyer is responsible for both the shipping to the buyer and the return shipping from the buyer. The amount refunded is the price of the item minus the shipping to the buyer as well as the return shipping from the buyer. For shipping - in cases where the value of the product exceeded 600 SEK, the buyer received free shipping, but the seller incurred this cost in their offer to the buyer.

The refund is made 5 days after Mr Fredrik AB has registered that the item has been returned and approved that the product has been returned undamaged, in its original condition, and in its original packaging. If the product is not in its original condition, Mr Fredrik AB will return the item to the buyer, as a valid purchase has been made, where the item has been used, and therefore there is no right to withdrawal. The buyer is responsible for any additional shipping costs.

11. Refunds

Refunds are made to the bank account or in the manner suggested by the customer. The refund is made within 5 working days from the date we approve your return - see point 10.

12. Reservations

We reserve the right to change prices due to significant price discrepancies from our suppliers, typographical errors, or other errors beyond our control. Read more about unforeseen events under Force Majeure below.

13. Force Majeure

In the event of war, natural disasters, labor disputes, government decisions, and comparable events beyond our control that could not reasonably have been foreseen, and affect concluded agreements and commitments on our part, making it impossible for us to fulfill said agreements/commitments, this shall constitute grounds for us to be relieved of our obligations to fulfill said agreements. Any disputes shall be settled in arbitration.

14. Disputes 

Disputes shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law and settled through arbitration proceedings in Stockholm, Sweden.