Gusums Messing, our brand for brass

Gusums Messing is a brand established as early as 1653, during a time when Sweden was a major power with abundant copper resources from the Falun Copper Mine. Copper is the main ingredient and constitutes over 60% of brass. Decorative items for the home environment in brass were a relatively new phenomenon and gained momentum only in the latter part of the 19th century. Prior to that, practical items such as mortars, milk cans, hinges, faucets, zippers, paper clips, ship valves, etc., were manufactured.

Today, Gusums Messing is a brand owned by Mr Fredrik AB. The products consist of modern designs, older replicas, as well as a range of Gusums' classic products.

Munka Sweden, our brand for products in pewter

Munka Sweden is the only company in Sweden offering Swedish-designed pewter products, available in various stores including interior design shops, jewelers, and gift shops.

Munka Sweden has been in operation since the 1980s and currently focuses on two main aspects of its product range:

- Classic products, including both original designs and replicas of old models.

- Custom-designed modern Swedish pewter. In this aspect, we collaborate with Swedish designers to showcase the unique glossy surface achievable through high-grade polishing. This surface is more durable than silver, as it does not oxidize and become tarnished.

All items are meticulously crafted by highly skilled artisans in Europe. We exclusively use lead-free pewter.

Mr Fredrik, our brand and company name

Under the Mr Fredrik brand, you will find all our garden products such as fountains, sculptures, and garden furniture, as well as interior products that are not primarily made of brass or pewter.

Oscar Borgström, our brand for bags

Oscar Borgström is our brand for quality bags made from recycled and new heavy-duty canvas.