Our history

Mr Fredrik

Mr Fredrik is a company founded in 2005 by Fredrik  Strömblad, a passionate entrepreneur whose journey to Asia sparked a  successful venture in the interior design industry. It all began when  Fredrik, inspired by the beautiful fountains and sculptures he  encountered during his vacation, decided to embellish his newly acquired  country house with similar artworks.

It didn't take long before  friends and acquaintances, impressed by Fredrik's tasteful interior  decoration, began expressing interest in enhancing their gardens and  homes with similar products. It was here that the idea of transforming  his passion into a profitable business took shape, and Mr Fredrik was  born.

Today, almost 25 years later, Mr Fredrik is still synonymous  with elegant fountains, but the company has also expanded its range to  include a wide variety of garden furniture and interior products made  from different metals. What distinguishes Mr Fredrik Interior is not  only the quality of their products but also the artisanal approach that  permeates the entire company's operations.

One of the most  prominent features of Mr Fredrik is the use of different materials to  create exciting and unique products. Here, you'll find not only  traditional metals like brass or pewter but also materials like  porcelain, sheet metal, and aluminum are used to create items that exude  both style and character.

The diversity in material choices is  reflected in the varied range of products offered by Mr Fredrik. From  elegant fountains that add a touch of luxury to the garden to sleek  garden furniture that invites outdoor relaxation. Indoors, the company  also offers a wide range of interior products, from tasteful  candlesticks to practical storage solutions, all made with the same  meticulous attention to detail and quality.

It is the passion for craftsmanship and the constant pursuit of offering customers something beyond the ordinary that has made Mr Fredrik stand out as a unique player in the interior design industry. With a combination of unique products, outstanding quality, and personalized service, it's easy to understand why our customers return to Mr Fredrik time and time again to embellish their homes and gardens with something truly special.