Matchstick case in brass and nickel-plated

Over the years, we have developed various matchbox covers in both style  and size. Here you will find covers that fit different sizes of matches,  from safety matches to classic regular ones. We have matchbox covers  with classic lion mascarons to boxes with malachite and lapis lazuli  stones. The covers are made of lead-free brass and are not lacquered  (however, those with a brushed surface are lacquered as otherwise the  surface would be polished away). The nickel-plated covers should also  not be polished but simply washed with detergent and dried with a soft  cloth.

Matchbox Covers: A Journey Through Time and Style

Matchbox covers have a long history of both practical function and aesthetic value. Over the years, they have evolved in various styles and sizes to fit different needs and preferences. From the classic regular matches to the more exclusive safety matches, at Gusums Messing, we offer a variety of options to store your matches in an elegant manner.

Custom Sizes and Styles

Our collection of matchbox covers includes different sizes and shapes to meet various user preferences. Whether you prefer small and sleek covers that can easily be carried with you or larger ones to accommodate a greater quantity of matches, we have options for you. Our covers are designed to fit everything from classic regular matches to the more robust safety matches, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

A Touch of Elegance

Our matchbox covers are not only practical but also elegant. From the classic lion mascarons to the more refined details with malachite and lapis lazuli stones, we offer options that combine functionality with style. Each cover is carefully crafted to provide a sense of luxury and sophistication, making them a perfect accessory for any occasion.

Durability and Quality

We strive to offer products of the highest quality that are not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and long-lasting. Our matchbox covers are made of high-quality materials to ensure that they can be used again and again without losing their charm or function. We believe in investing in products that last, and our matchbox covers are no exception. The covers are made of lead-free brass and are not lacquered (however, those with a brushed surface are lacquered as otherwise the surface would be polished away).

Final Thoughts

Matchbox covers are not just practical accessories but also an opportunity to express your personal style and taste. With our wide collection of covers in different sizes, styles, and materials, we hope to offer something for everyone. From the simplest to the most exclusive options, our matchbox covers are designed to satisfy even the most demanding users' needs. Explore our collection today and find the perfect matchbox cover for you.