Fontäner till trädgård

Vi på Mr. Fredrik kan det här med fontäner. Genom årtionden av erfarenhet och stor kunskap inom området kan vi hjälpa dig att hitta den perfekta fontänen som passar just din trädgård. Vi har med årens gång lyckats skapa ett variationsrikt utbud fontäner i brons som passar en mängd olika trädgårdsstilar och personliga smaker. Hos oss kan du bland annat hitta fontäner i fantastiska djurmotiv. Kanske är du ute efter gulliga grodfontäner? Eller varför inte söta sköldpaddefontäner eller eleganta lejonfontäner? Vi på Mr. Fredrik har allt och lite till när det kommer till fontäner. Utforska gärna vårt fina utbud och njut av det härliga ljudet som rinnande vatten från en fontän skapar i din trädgård!

Fountain, frog, jumping

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We have fantastic fountains for your garden

Fountains in the garden truly contribute to a delightful and relaxing atmosphere. Besides being visually appealing, it's also satisfying for the ears. The sound of trickling water on a warm summer day is something quite special, after all. Here at Mr. Fredrik, you'll find fantastic fountains for your garden in a variety of motifs and sizes. Browse through our range of fountains and give your outdoor environment an upgrade with a beautiful fountain from us at Mr. Fredrik!

Invest in a unique wall fountain

A wall fountain is a type of fountain designed to be mounted on a wall instead of being freestanding on the ground. With a wall fountain in the garden, you can create a lovely ambiance for your patio! These types of fountains are particularly convenient as they don't take up much space and are easy to install on the wall. This makes the fountains optimal for smaller gardens or patios.

Here at Mr. Fredrik, you'll find a wide range of wall fountains in various styles and designs, so you can find the perfect fountain that suits your personal taste and the character of your garden. So, find your perfect wall fountain with us and make your garden more festive!

Wall Fountain vs "Regular" Fountain

If you're torn between buying a fountain for your garden but aren't sure what to choose, we have the answers for you! A wall fountain is mounted against a wall and is suitable for gardens with limited space, while "regular" fountains are freestanding and can be impressive focal points in the garden. The choice depends on the garden's layout, size, and desired style. Both types of fountains create a relaxing atmosphere and become an enjoyable place for relaxation and tranquility.

No matter which type of fountain you choose, you can rest assured that we at Mr. Fredrik have something for you. Buy your fountains from us and enjoy a harmonious and beautiful garden. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to offer personalized advice and support to ensure that your fountain operates at its best. We care about our customers and strive to make your experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. So let us help you choose the right one and make your fountain shine!